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How it started

Hello to all!
We are George & Jennifer Nicholas and we have been passionate about the restaurant business for over 30 years. We are both originally from Connecticut but lived in New York State where we operated a restaurant.

Surfside has been close to our hearts since 1996. We finally made it our permanent residence 5 years ago and were looking for a place for our new restaurant. We have long liked the location where Wooden Spoon Eatery is now – quiet, laid-back and family-friendly haven at Surfside Drive. In 2020 the opportunity presented itself and we were excited to become a part of this fabulous community.

We renovated and designed 828 Surfside Dr in a boutique style restaurant with our own hands, heart and soul. We did our best to make it as comfortable as possible for your pastime.

Restaurant now

Now Wooden Spoon Eatery is a combination of American style with Greek cuisine. Unique handcrafted decor and inviting green terrace. We have always been dreaming of creating a place that would welcome families for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Wooden Spoon Eatery is located at 828 Surfside Drive. We hope to see ya’ll at the Wooden Spoon Eatery – a place created by our family for your families.

Breakfast • Lunch• Dinner

Our cuisine combines authentic Greek and American traditions

Grilled salmon
Cheeseburger deluxe
12 oz Ribeye Steak


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